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Presnt was founded in January of 2023 and is headquartered in Podgorica, Montenegro. The goal is to become a creative powerhouse recognized for high performance. We plan to do that by telling outstanding stories at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising agencies.

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The story of Presnt

told by our founder

Presnt was born out of passion and frustration.

Stories have always been my passion. Whether it was listening to them, reading them, or telling them; movies, books, or comics, to me, it didn't matter. I wanted to read cool stories, and I wanted to tell them.

After a few years of working as a marketer, I realized that most ads are terrible. People don't care about making good ads. They slap whatever comes to their mind on Facebook, press Launch, and hope for the best. I blame modern technology for that.

For the longest time, you could just run Facebook Conversions with a completely white image and get some results. This is not the case anymore. The competition is higher than ever, and in order to get good results, you have to make good ads.

Advertising agencies have gotten complacent as well. I know this from working in agencies, and from hiring them. You have to pay retainers, giant project fees, or for far more hours than it actually took them to do something. Not to mention taking a cut out of your ad budget. And all this to get mediocre work two weeks later.

That's exactly why Presnt was made - to help brands grow with outstanding creative, as a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies.

I wanted to make an efficient and affordable advertising agency that could deliver a lot of growth, without sacrificing quality.

My goal is to build Presnt into a creative powerhouse capable of delivering growth and great storytelling at scale, while making it affordable.

I hope you will join us on this journey.

- Stefan Bulatovic, founder of Presnt

Presnt Creed

Guidelines on how we work and treat each other.

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We strive to do world-class work.

It’s a matter of pride or us. We want to be the best at what we do, and that’s why we expect more from ourselves.

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We never sacrifice quality.

As competitive professionals, we play to win. That means we want to be the best in business. With each ad we make, we want to improve our craft and get better.

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We don't just make ads. We tell stories.

Making ads is easy. Telling stories is not. But stories are the reason people either remember you or forget you. A carefully crafted story is what separates a great brand from a good one.

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We set high standards.

We like to stand out above the rest, and we want to win by our own merit. That’s why we always aim high.

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We solve difficult problems.

Everyone should be able to carry some weight. Being exceptional as we are, we take pride in being able to carry a bit more ourselves. That’s why we like to tackle the toughest challenges.

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We don't tolerate negativity.

We thrive in a chill and positive atmosphere of mutual respect. We don’t do gossiping, backstabbing and cheating.

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We set goals to crush them.

Is there a better feeling than knowing you are badass at what you do? What better way to do so than to make crushing your goals look easy.

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Strong people bring others up.

We are strong alone, but we are great together. Always support your teammates, help them grow and get better.

People behind Presnt

Why choose Presnt?

See what makes Presnt unique.


Save a ton of money

Save a lot of money by paying a fixed monthly fee instead of per project or hourly.


Save precious time

All communication is done through our Trello board. There is no need to waste your time in meetings.


Proven expertise

We have 8 years of experience, and a proven track record of working with various industries.


Custom workflow

Each client gets a customizable Trello board to request, track, and manage work.



There are no long-term commitments. Simply pick a plan that works best for you.


Cancel anytime

You can cancel your subscription at any moment. Your Presnt account will remain active.

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Award-winning agency

presnt martech award

Presnt has been recognized as the Best Global Advertising Agency 2024 for Client Service Excellence Award by AI Global Media.

Some of our results:

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