How does Presnt full service ad agency on subscription work?

Presnt is a full service advertising agency on subscription. It’s a relatively new concept. We are going to break it down and explain in full detail how it works.

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As we mentioned before, Presnt is a full service ad agency. That means you get charged a monthly subscription fee, and you have an advertising agency. It’s a new concept. Think of it like this: 

You need a video creation platform. So you subscribe to one. You enjoy making engaging content for your target audience, and you pay a monthly fee. But, after two months, you don’t need that platform anymore. So you cancel your plan.

We work exactly like that, like productized service.

You need a video creation platform. So you subscribe to one. You enjoy making engaging content for your target audience, and you pay a monthly fee. But, after two months, you don’t need that platform anymore. So you cancel your plan.

We work exactly like that, like productized service.

Presnt vs Traditional Ad Agencies

Traditional ad agencies or digital marketing agencies will normally give you a quote per project. They will count all the hours they need to complete your project and give you a final bill. 

In the US that means you will be paying $300+ per hour on average, on each of your projects.

Let’s say you need a new advertising campaign. You are launching a new product, and you would like to build awareness around it. Let’s say an agency spends 20 hours working on your strategy. The agency will deliver a proposal that will cost you 6000$ for strategy

After a few months, you want to capitalize on the demand you created, so you want to hire an agency to run your Google and Facebook ads. Let’s say they work 10 hours preparing your ads, and another 20 hours optimizing them per month. That’s a bill of 9000$.

That’s a total of 15 000$.

Now compare that to Presnt.

You pay one flat monthly fee, and you get access to a full service advertising agency. Since we don’t charge you per project, it doesn’t matter if you need a new advertising campaign, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or all of them. In the end, you will pay the same amount each month.

With our quarterly plan, for 3 months Presnt would cost you 6,747$. 

That’s 8,253$ more budget that you can spend growing your business.

This leads us to the next logical question - If Presnt is so much cheaper, is it any good?

Our results speak for themselves

Presnt is a new company, but we have 5 years of experience making ads. In those 5 years, we worked with brands from different industries, such as Hospitality, FinTech, Food & Beverage, eCommerce, and MarTech.

We are especially proud of helping one of our B2B SaaS clients generate $1.2m in Annual Recurring Revenue in just one quarter.

We also managed to increase ROAS 5.5x, drive $754k in the sales pipeline in one quarter, and also decrease Customer Acquisition Cost by 40%.

👉 Check out our case studies for more details.

This is the kind of work we are capable of doing. This leads us to

Presnt’s Vision

The rise of Internet advertising gave us some great things. Thanks to data collection from major platforms, we can pinpoint our target audience and make sure the right people see our ads.

But, it also gave us a pay-to-win mindset. Lots of advertisers are hyper focused on optimizing for numbers that they forget to focus on the creative side. 

This has led us to produce a preposterous amount of ads we see every day. How many of them are good? Exactly.

Presnt’s vision is to bring back creative and fun advertising and make it available to everyone, not just enterprises.

We are going to do that by helping our clients tell stories at a fraction of the
cost of traditional agencies.

With each new ad we create we want to achieve
better and better results for our clients. That’s our goal.

How does Presnt work?

It’s actually pretty straightforward.

1. Pick a plan

To pick a plan, simply go to our website, to go the Pricing section, and look at our plans. We offer 3 plans - monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The only difference is the duration of your subscription.

Each of Presnt’s plans comes with:

So, what does that all mean?

As a full service advertising agency, Present provides strategic services, we create ads for our clients, and we launch and optimize paid campaigns on various channels. With each plan, you get access to all of it. Instead of paying for each of these projects individually, you pay a fixed monthly fee, and you can request any or all of our services.

Here is the full scope of what we can currently do:

presnt services

Each of the plans comes with unlimited requests. That means you can fill your backlog with as many things as you need. Keep in mind that due to the nature of our business, we can only work on one deliverable at a time. For example, if you need us to plan your demand generation strategy and design ads for it, we will first deliver the strategy, and only then start working on the ads.

You approve or reject our work. We will keep revising it until you are completely satisfied.

We need approximately 2-3 business days for most deliverables, such as creating banners or copywriting for your ads. But for some more complex tasks, we require more time. You will be able to see all deadlines before you order tasks.

With a subscription, you will be invited to join your own Trello board. You will use it to communicate with us, order work, and track progress. You can add your whole team there as well.

Lastly, some agencies will have a minimum budget requirement. Meaning, if you can’t spend at least $30k for example, they won’t work with you. We don’t have that rule. Our bottom line doesn’t depend on your ad spend, and we will find a way to maximize the budget you have available.

2. Subscribe to Presnt

Subscribing to Presnt is super easy.

All you need is a business email, a password, and a credit card. When you subscribe, you create a Presnt account. 

You can log in to our website and manage your account, change billing information, and download invoices.

3. Access your personalized dashboard

Once your new Presnt account is created, you will get a confirmation email. About 15 minutes after that you will get another email with the link to your Trello board.

To access your customized dashboard, create a Trello account, and request access. The board is automatically set to “Private” to keep your information safe. Only you and us will be able to see and access your board.

Each board looks like this:

presnt agency dashboard

The left side is where you start. Your first task is to read the first card and learn all about how the board is structured and how it works.

The next step is to fill in your brand information. Since we are totally async, we don’t have meetings with our clients. They kill our mojo, and we would rather spend that time figuring out how to get you more revenue.

Remember, the more we know about your business, the better results we can produce.

Now it’s time for you to drop your brand guidelines on the next card. We need these when we start designing your ads.

Alright, time to request work.

4. Request work

As we mentioned before, as a full service ad agency, we can make your advertising strategy, design your ads, and run your paid campaigns. All of these services are neatly divided into smaller tasks, for easier management. For example, there are tasks like Demand Generation Strategy, Google Ads Management, Facebook Ads Management, etc.

Each task is labeled as Planning, Creative, or Media Buying

Deliverables also have their own label.

Each task also has a label with the time we need to complete it. 

This information is available right under the task title.

In the Task description, you will be able to see exactly what you are getting. Make sure you read this part!

To request a task, simply copy the card of the task you need, answer our questions in the comments, and drag it to the “Active” column. That’s it, simple as that.

Your dashboard can also be fully personalized to you. The dashboard itself and our flow on it can change depending on how we want to work together in the most efficient way. Nothing is set in stone.

We also added a “Custom Request” option in Tasks. This allows you to ask for something you need that is not on our list of current tasks. Note that this might come at an additional cost.

With your dashboard, you will be able to see at all times what we are working on, how we are doing, and when work will be delivered. This is how we make sure there are no missed deadlines and untimely deliveries.

5. Download invoices, change your password or username

You are in full control at all times. You can edit your Presnt account whenever you want. Simply go to our website, log in, and go to “Profile Settings”. There you can access your account information and change your username, password, billing info, and see all your invoices.

6. Cancel anytime

Most companies are not going to need an ad agency at all times. That’s why we give you the ability to cancel your plan at any moment. Your subscription will last for the period you paid for. After that, you won’t be charged, and your Presnt account will remain active, so that you can log back in when you need us and update your subscription plan.

Full service advertising agency you can try for free

Picking the right advertising agency to work with is tricky. This is simply the problem with agencies of any kind. You never really know what you are getting yourself into until you start working with them.

No case studies you read or portfolios you check out will give you the real picture of what being an actual client is like.

That’s why we also enabled a free trial option. Yes, you read that right - an ad agency with a free trial.

Okay, so how?

Well, instead of making some free ads or designing a free campaign for you, we want you to try the whole process - subscription, getting your dashboard, and requesting tasks with drag & drop. We want you to see what it is like being a Presnt client, for free.

Simply subscribe to our free trial, and you will become a client for 30 days, without paying a dime. For one month you get full client experience. That means you can request any of our tasks, in an unlimited amount (we are only technically limited by the 30 days in a month). You are our client, and you will be treated as such. Except you don’t pay.


Presnt is a full service advertising agency on subscription. We work like a productized service. You pay a fixed monthly subscription, and you have an ad agency.

Traditional agencies will usually give you a quote per project. You will end up paying $300+ per hour in the US, on average. On a 20-hour project, that will cost you $6000. If you want additional service, you have to pay for that separately.

With Presnt, you pay one fixed monthly price, and you have an ad agency for a month. You can ask as to do anything from our scope of work. There is also no limit as to how many requests you can make.

Each of our clients gets his own personalized dashboard. There you can request, track, and manage your work for us. You can also add your own team there.

The best part about Presnt is that you can test us. We have a free trial available. Yes, that’s a full service ad agency with a free trial. For 30 days you can see what it is like being our client, free of charge.

Published on: 25/06/2023   Last Updated: 29/09/2023

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Stefan is a marketer with 8 years of experience of working with various B2C and B2B brands.


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