stefan bulatovic

Stefan Bulatovic

Founder & CEO of Presnt

I've always been passionate about advertising and business. Since high school I dreamt about starting my own company. In that sense, Presnt is kind of a dream come true.

I believe the point of effective advertising is to convey a powerful message in as little words as possible. That's exactly why I want to build Presnt into a creative powerhouse that makes content resembling the greats - like Ogilvy and Hopkins.

Before starting Presnt I had experience of working for 2 different agencies, as well as working as a member of in-house marketing teams of both B2B and B2C companies. This gives me a unique perspective of marketing and the ability to come up with the best strategies for my clients regardless of what kind of business they have.


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Save a ton of money

Save a lot of money by paying a fixed monthly fee instead of per project or hourly.


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All communication is done through our Trello board. There is no need to waste your time in meetings.


Proven expertise

We have 8 years of experience, and a proven track record of working with various industries.


Custom workflow

Each client gets a customizable Trello board to request, track, and manage work.



There are no long-term commitments. Simply pick a plan that works best for you.


Cancel anytime

You can cancel your subscription at any moment. Your Presnt account will remain active.

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